StraitNZ Linehaul

Nationwide distribution to all of New Zealand

Nationwide distribution to all of New Zealand

StraitNZ Linehaul operates a 150 strong nationwide fleet of vehicles, specialising in full truck-load and flat-deck truck deliveries for general and bulk freight.

StraitNZ Linehaul operates a 150 strong nationwide fleet of vehicles, specialising in full truck-load and flat-deck truck deliveries for general and bulk freight.

Our Services

With dedicated set runs and point-to-point services, we’re ready to meet all your linehaul freight requirements throughout New Zealand.

Nationwide coverage
Delivering ‘Within Island’ by the next business day and ‘Between Islands’ within two working days, our centrally placed depots in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch and strategic partnerships with agents, allows for an efficient hub and spoke collection network.

A flexible fleet
Our modern fleet of 150 vehicles is made of curtain-siders, flat decks, drop-side tippers, refrigerated units, tipping curtain-siders and quad units. Through owning, leasing and contracting a range of units we can offer flexible and reliable service options to suit our clients' freight-type, whether it is bulk cartage, individual items, standard palletised freight or products with specific requirements such as refrigeration.

Customised Service
StraitNZ’s customised service provides access to floating units stationed all over New Zealand that can be deployed at the drop of a hat to meet pick up and distribute urgent consignments.

Our customers
Our customers are our partners and through personalised and responsive service, we’re proud of the many long-term partnerships we’ve formed. For cost-effective transport of your freight, please give get in touch with our team.

Online Portal

To arrange your pick up, simply log in to StraitNZ's online portal with your account details.

For a quote, or to set up an account, please email our Customer Services Team or phone 09 570 2674. 

Fuel Adjustment

To cater for the significant market fuel price fluctuations, StraitNZ Linehaul implements a Global Fuel Adjustment Factor – as is communicated to customers upon the agreement of set rates, or acceptance of one–off quotes.

Due to increased fuel surcharges received from our business partners StraitNZ has implemented an additional fuel surcharge over and above our global FAF calculations. This will result in a 1.25% fuel surcharge in addition to our current global FAF being applied.

Global FAF is calculated each month:

StraitNZ Linehaul Fuel Adjustment Factor (FAF)

StraitNZ Linehaul charges a fuel adjustment factor (FAF) monthly which varies depending on the price of fuel each month.

The following Scale Table represents the fuel adjustment by reference to the average regional pump price (including GST) which we calculate from the website; This price will be calculated on or about the 20th of the month prior to the application of the monthly FAF. We will be adjusting fuel every 0.01 cent price increase within the below bands.


Increment Categories (Diesel Pump Price/Litre) Fuel Adjustment Percentage
100 > 105 0%
105 > 110 0.8%
110 > 115 1.6%
115 > 120 2.4%
120 > 125 3.2%
125 > 130 4.0%
130 > 135 4.8%
135 > 140 5.6%
140 > 145 6.4%
145 > 150 7.2%
150 > 155 8.0%
155 > 160 8.8%
160 > 165 9.6%
165 > 170 10.4%
170 > 175 11.2%
175 > 180 12%


The impact of any fuel adjustment factor will not be reflected in the Freight Rates at any time, and will remain a separate payment outside the Freight Rates.


Get in touch

StraitNZ Linehaul branches are located in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch. 



3 Matukutūruru Road
Auckland 2104

Ph: 09 570 2674

Fax: 09 570 2675

Email the Auckland depot



203 Ellis Street 
Hamilton 3204

Ph: 07 846 0426

Email the Hamilton depot




10 Barnes Street
Lower Hutt 5010

Ph: 04 560 0631

Email the Wellington depot




65 Beatty Street

Ph: 03 922 7341


Email the Nelson depot


45 Mania Road
South Hornby
Christchurch 8042

Ph: 03 343 1929

Fax: 03 343 2931

Email the Christchurch depot




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Our Location

Our Location

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