The StraitNZ story

The StraitNZ story

StraitNZ’s name may be new on the scene, but the company’s origins have deep roots in New Zealand’s transport heritage.

Beginning in 1992 when established road transport operator, Jim Barker - disgruntled at ongoing problems trying to ship livestock across Cook Strait – got hold of a cargo ship called the MV Straitsman and set sail with Strait Shipping, a transport legacy was born.

Although Strait Shipping had carried a small number of passengers from 1995, growing public demand for an alternative inter-island passenger ferry service, led to the formation of Bluebridge and in 2002 a new vessel, the MV Santa Regina, started delivering a true Kiwi experience for passengers across Cook Strait.

With a valued Cook Strait alternative for Kiwis established, the Barkers called on their years of road freight experience and responded to increasing demand for line haul, bulk and general freight by creating Freight Lines Limited in 1993. 20 years later, in 2013, the road freight business was rounded out with the purchase of established freight forwarders, Streamline Freight.

In 2016, Strait Shipping/Bluebridge, Freight Lines and Streamline Freight were sold and in early 2018 StraitNZ Limited was formed with the objective of providing an integrated transport experience that connects New Zealand. Our  businesses now operate as Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferries, StraitNZ Linehaul and StraitNZ Freight Forwarding.

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